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2012-07-27 - 11:39 a.m.

Session and Tartan are the new pieces - two of a series of quite short ones. Yesterday I left home around 5.30pm and broke my journey at Victoria to buy some fizzy water and a flapjack – then up to Highbury and Islington and down to Dalston arriving quite early. The theatre next door to Café Oto is being refurbished. I was reading Andy Hamilton particularly the bits about Morton Feldman. AH seems to be moving in a direction he calls humanistic acousmatic – the humanism takes the form of an emphasis on rhythm and MF appears to be a limiting case – also Cage’s late number pieces which he started to write after MF died in 1987. I am not sure I hold with this – also the idea that music must develop or else it is sound art doesn’t seem right to me.

I had a front row seat at Café Oto and sooner or later the two musicians from Melbourne appeared. The performance of Patterns in a Chromatic Field was a big surprise. It was like no other MF piece that I have heard – very varied and in sections. The club was pretty full by this stage and everyone sat very quietly. This is the first time I have been to CO since February. The music was very absorbing especially being so close. The cello and pno were both miked and I was just under a PA speaker too. I floated through the piece on a couple of pints.

I went back via the Overground from HnI to Gunnersbury. The train was packed with young people in a good mood. There was a funny French-Canadian film on Film4. Pieces are under way.

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