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2012-07-24 - 8:45 p.m.

There are three new pieces on the widget today - Lebanon Unsound, WW4 and Application. The development process for some of these has been longer than usual but Gilbert and I are pleased with the result.

I listened to Beethoven's 8th from the Proms and was rather impressed. The solo violin piece from Boulez with live electronics was great.

Today the Olympic Torch came through Hounslow so I went to have a look. The route was very crowded indeed and the OT was late arriving. I tool several fotos which I have loaded onto FB. I managed to catch the torch but not the bearer. I had a bottle of Polish beer in the Bulstrode and was rather impressed with the place. It took quite a while to get back home on account of the congestion.

A couple of musicians from Melbourne are playing M Feldman at Cafe Oto tomorrow night - I think this is a must.

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