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2012-07-23 - 8:04 p.m.

Back in Heston from Brill - the journey was a bit uncomfortable this afternoon because of the heat. Gilbert sent several parts yesterday and I started work on them as soon as I had a chance this evening. There is a new piece called Suitcase at the start of the widget - give it a try.

Yesterday we went to Bicester Village which was a new experience for me. Although the weather was so warm crowds of people had turned out to investigate all the branded produce. We had lunch in Pret a Manger but I didnt buy anything else. Paul got two pairs of shoes. Yvonne came over for supper after work - we had a H-bone of beef plus one of my sister's bottles of decent claret.

I am listening to Beethoven's 4th Symphony which I find very impressive - to my surprise.

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