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2012-07-21 - 1:30 p.m.

Yesterday I left early to catch the Oxford coach to meet Bette to go Art in Action on the banks of the River Thame just as it gets into Oxfordshire. It transpired this event had its origins in the writings of Henry George, a C19 American utopian economist.

I went to the piano trio concert in the main room of the house. They started with a work by the young Mozart and then his K564 in G. I was a bit disappointed with this but it transpires that it is an unusual work - the last trio he wrote - written in 1788 when he was creatively exhausted and short of money. Much much better was Haydn's trio in C from 1794 - possibly one of his greatest. I realised for first time some of the connection between Haydn and Beethoven.

I heard some singers in a marquee which is a very challenging acoustic. There was an Indian trio in the amphitheatre - two drummers and a violinist who played very well indeed. I missed most of the string quartet in the marquee - I didnt realise until too late that they were doing Beethoven Op18 no 4 but what I heard of it sounded good.

Caught most of Barenboim's Divan Orchestra at the Proms doing Beethoven's First Symphony which was stunning but missed the second which wasnt as good apparently. Boulez's Derive Two was utterly majestic - hear it on the i-player.

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