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2012-07-11 - 8:35 a.m.


A busy day yeterday starting with a breakfast seminar at IPPR - I arrived half an hour too early.Luckily this meant that I bumped into someone from the other Industry Forum.

Garage-Bottle is a kind of remix juxtaposing two early pieces so that they make the most of the available space. See what you think of it.

The seminar was an example of bio-mimetics - the subject of last week's seminar at NESTA. Ormerod believes that trad economics needs to be replaced by a theory based on networks and derived (apparently) from biology.

Prof Sears from Oxf was the commentator on the presentation and he fundamentally agreed with it.

Ahter the seminar I set off for Canada Water. Rob was waiting for me and we climbed into his new Mercedes E type 6 cylinder convertible - full of fun features. We had a long conversation about the business including a lengthy lunch. I got back home just after 6pm having been caught in a shower waiting for the bus.

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