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2012-07-10 - 12:36 a.m.


Good news that RN have given us a lot more space to work with. Manx Rearguard is two new pieces joined together to save space - do give it a try.

Today after an early lunch I set off for Oxford. I arrived early and slipped into Blackwells vowing only to brouse. I looked in the Science Section at the Quantum Theory volumes. Dirac's classic was there and I browsed the first few pages and indeed it did seem to be exceptionally clear. The price was too high and I think I can probably get a 2nd hand copy through Amazon for a lot less. My eye was also caught by a slim volume on the history of the neutrino. I decided to save that for later too.

Then off to the Dept of Education for a seminar on FE. The presentation provoked a lively discussion that contributed to. This continued over some wine.

Laurence turned up and we set off for the usual pub opposite Blackwells. As always there was loads to talk about - I think that this is the first time we have met up this year. His daughter Flora has just got a 1st in Fine Arts from Chelsea with an installation about the death of Walter Benjamin. I am really sorry to have missed this. I was the only person on the coach back to LHR.

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