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2012-07-08 - 2:44 p.m.


Double Jeux is a new piece or to tell the truth it is Gilbert's gtr part treated in two different ways in a single piece.Gilbert is going out to watch the Tour de France. I explained to him that tennis has taken the UK over.

I watched more heavy metal on BBC4 i-player last night. My admiration for Black Sabbath increased. The way the group worked as a group appealed to me. If I had my Spotify working I would listen all the way through to Paranoid.

I watched the first half of My Summer of Love through. I like the film a lot but I didnt want to watch the second half where the relationship falls apart.

There are two jazz Andy Hamiltons never mind the comedy writer. One is tenor player from Birmingham who recently died in his 90s and has been a major force in jazz education. The other wrote the Aesthetics + Music book I am half way through. I have got to the bit on the acousmatic thesis. This is that musical sounds are intentional objects with their own relations which are distinct from causal relations.

One example would be the classic sonta form where there are two themes which contrast. The relationship of contrasting is a genuine musical relationship and has nothing to do with how the sounds are produced. As the sonata develops more relations between the two themes emerge. When a dominant presses into a dominant this isn t a causal relationship either.

I was very pleased so see Andrew's Unquiet Earth reviewed positively in the Independent

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