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2012-07-07 - 2:38 p.m.


Tub is the piece unjustly neglected that has been bought to the top of the widget. It grooves quite well I think. I watched the classic albums about Paranoid last night. I thought Tommy Iommi came across very well indeed which is not to downgrade the bass-player and the drummer. Just once they mentioned the possibility that TI downtuned his gtr - something that I vaguely remember hearing before. Apparently the tune/vocal was arrived at by Ozzy but then Geezer would provide the theme and the words. Where Ozzy got his vocal style from remains a mystery. They didnt talk at all about the subsequent personnel changes.
I watched some of My Summer of Love too which generally has recieved very high praise.

My social calendar has strengthened with an invitation to Brill in two weeks' time. Paul has recovered enough to go to Germany to deliver two courses next week. My main email is down and RN still havent replied to the request for more space on RN2.

This lunchtime R3 offered a performance of Jeux in an arrangement for two pianos. I gave up after a few moments. The sound was nowhere near varied enough compared with the orchestral original and for a piano piece nowhere near as original the 2nd series of Images.

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