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2012-07-06 - 1:08 p.m.


At the top of the Widget is Startup - another piece from some time back that has got stuck in the middle of the 'plays' rankings. I still havent heard from RN about more space. Gilbert and I have kicked a few ideas around about what we could call a new page. I watched some of American Pie last night which I found amusing.

I have Estampes and the two sets of Images on the BB - free mp3s - and I listened through to them this morning. Images 1 is the set I know best but I think Images 2 may be my favourite at the moment.

My diary is a bit sparse at the moment apart from next Monday. Laurence mailed to say that he will be around in Oxford that day. There is a seminar at the Dept of Education from 4 - 6.30pm . Beyond that there is nothing for several weeks.

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