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2012-07-02 - 7:46 p.m.


One more new piece in the Widget - Railway. Today was too quiet compared with yesterday's excitement. Various post-event emails circulated. There is a move afoot to do a big reunion - I think it can be linked to 'when I m 64'. I listened to the Altenberg Lieder again.

I mentioned yesterday that I had been listening to Fleetwood Mac's Boston Blues - a live double from the very early 70s. P Green and D Kirwan are in fine form and there are some very authentic jams. I discovered that DK went astray rather like PG in subsequent decades. I also had a look at Rumours realising that all the songs I really like were by Christine Perfect.

Cherry is out of hospital. Bette and Sue have been in Ulverston - singing Brahms I think. They seem to have enjoyed themselves. GI-IC are at 144 - our maximum value so far - with our RN Band Equity. RN still haven't said whether they will give us extra space on our current page.

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