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2012-06-30 - 12:28 p.m.


Still not heard from RN whether we can have space for another 50 pieces. Piece creation continues. Gilbert has cut a finger on his right hand - fortunately not quite as serious as it might be. His next gig is with Scott Walton - part of a tour in Northern Europe.

I watched P Townshend last night on BBC4 talking about Quadrophenia plus some of the film itself which I have seen several times. I think the first 40 mins of the film about the London mod culture is great.

The Dutch radio programme about AK is really good in its serious consideration of his work. AK seems to have got on OK with the sound pieces that I have sent him when he started mixing them in the studio yesterday. It certainly gives me a lot of pleasure being a member of Otherworld. Good to see Loquat getting sympathetic reviews too.

What does July hold? A series of seminars/meetings during the first couple of weeks and then a picnic near the end. I suddenly renewed by liking for Berg - starting with the clarinet pieces. Then the Altenberg Songs and then the op3 SQ which is magnificent. I ordered a book of Altenberg translations from Amazon - still got that credit card hassle.

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