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2012-06-29 - 11:46 a.m.


We have run out of space on this page. I have written to RN asking for some more.

Andrew K sent round a good page about him from a progressive Dutch radio station - a good bit of recognition including several mentions of Other world. I passed it on variously.

Yesterday I went to the opening of an exhibition in Flat Time House about the art activties in the mid 60s at Better Books on the Charing X Rd. The free A3 sheet giveaway is excellent and has pulled together a lot individuals and activities. The items in the exhibition look weak in comparison. I noticed in Vienna that the relics of the Viennese Actionists suffer from the same problem. I was with someone who was in NYC 67-69 and was on the alternative arts scene. She said the London stuff was similar and less far-reaching. We ate in an African themed restaurant in Victoria.

Yesterday on Woman's Hour there was a feature on Dory Previn whose work is being revived. It seems that she was very much a grly thing unlike say Miss M.

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