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2012-06-28 - 11:40 a.m.


Two new pieces at the top of the Widget - New Heiress and Tennis. There is a backlog to load up too. We have reached the 200 tune limit on RN2 and so I have been taking down some tunes which have been on the page for months and havent got more than 5 plays for rework - hence New Heiress and Reworked Garage. But this is a short-term remedy as each removal yields at least two new pieces as a rule. Gilbert likes the twelve string tone and there s a harmonic angle that I am into.

Cherry is being operated on today but I hope Paul is coming out. I am going to an opening at the Latham Gallery this evening about Better Books. I have to drop in on my lawyers first.

Loquat are getting some good reviews for the new album and I have posted one on my FB page. Mika is nuts about them too. People seem to agree that Kylee is a great singer and a great song-writer too. But the band also gets lots of praise for its cover 'There is a Light that Never Goes Out' - not an easy thing to pull off. I hope they resurrect my suggestion of redoing Its Different for Girls which used to be in their repertoire. I hear them as being part of a long stream of reflective West Coast songwriting. Talking of which I had a J Browne retrospective listening to his early 80s albums.

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