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2012-06-21 - 6:54 p.m.


Four more pieces in the Widget - Strider, Angry Birds, Saltfive and Taxing. Gilbert sent me a version of Salt that we did about a year ago and his violin part has been used in a couple of these pieces. It s a very good violin sound - something I need to make a piece of music for Bill more suitable. We have been leaning towards modern classical and jazz in these tunes whereas sometimes recently I think we have been leaning in the direction of progressive rock. It seems there is less shame than hitherto in falling under thisd heading.

I applied for a job which Linkedin sent me today. It s a writing job and it s not far from here. I dont imagine for one second I will get it - I am too old and probably lack the required energy. But I went to their site and downloaded one of their communications guides. I also sent a copy to Paul. There was some quite interesting E+Y material sent today esp on how well the UK is doing at attracting foreign investment - a favourite subject of mine.

There was a programme this morning on R4 about Annie Besant. I had heard of her as Theophosist but it seems she was a political radical and feminist too.

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