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2012-06-19 - 6:26 p.m.


Three new tunes in the Widget above - Schedule 2, Linking and Bless 2. Do try them out. Today I wrote most of an article. I mailed 3 mp3s to Chaos Theory for them to use on their jazz nights.

Yesterday I got the 10.40am coach back to Heathrow. Being unusually active by my standards I set out at 3.30pm for the Wellcome Institute on Euston Rd - a very smart venue as it turned out. There wasnt a presentation - instead there was the opportunity to discuss the new tools which have been developed with the relevant academics. There were very posh nibbles and a comprehensive bar. I stuck to fizzy water and orange juice. I left after an hour. All this activity sent me to bed very early and I slept until 9am today.Today's Civil Service WP sounds like tosh.

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