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2012-05-22 - 9:52 p.m.


We are back up to no 58 on the London Classical Chart on RN so thanks to all readers who have tried the new music. The top 2 tunes on the Widget above need to be listened to more so do please give them a go.

Up early this morning to catch the 7.50am coach from Heathrow to Oxford. By the time I got there the sun was shining strongly and I took some more pics of the dreaming spires - now loaded onto FB. I skipped watching the Conformist the night before but the sacrifice was probably worthwhile.

The seminar was in St Annes and started at 10.30am going onto 5.00pm after which there were drinks. Lunch was in a marquee on the college lawn. I raised the point that if you didnt have a masters degree you shouldnt walk on the grass. I was told that this didnt apply during the Summer Term. I am not sure this is strictly right - the only time in Summer Term when you can walk on the lawn is during a May Ball.

The seminar was very informative and over lunch I had quite a sensible talk with the visiting German speaker.I chatted to Tess from IPPR as well.

When I arrived there were droves of students dressed in black and white walking down the High St. I think this must have been for some exams. In my young day there was none of this nonsense I remember.

Flutronix have posted some funky flautist fotos on FB. Some of them remind me of the time at R Scotts when I saw Mrs M Davis strutting.

I read more of the Debussy companion on the coach. I have started ripping off some of the decorative strategies from Jeux.

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