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2012-05-21 - 3:34 p.m.


There are several more tunes to be added to the Widget as soon as Gilbert checks the mix out. You probably havent heard the new ones that are already there so why not listen to the first 10. I went through them up to no 18 and I rather liked the overall effect. Today AK mailed on FB about some more electronic textures. I agreed of course and told him that I now have a bigger range of softsynths.

I mailed a Tunepak to PW and he agreed that we seem to be moving into new areas. I asked him about Ackroyd and the Totalists and he said he hadnt hear of them either. There was some interesting material from R Gibb on the Today programme this morning - from various past interviews. He said that one wrote songs to fill up a sense of internal emptiness but the strategy never really worked out and so you just kept on writing.

I am so into Loquat at the moment but not the new album which in any case isnt on Spotify yet. I am wondering whether to get the first two in some form or other before they become inaccessible and too expensive. They remind me of post FC Love. I think even though they come from SF rather than LA.I am proud to be a friend of the lead singer on FB.

I wrote an article this morning and also looked at the readership stats. I might something about ND and H Wheeler.

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