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2012-05-20 - 2:19 p.m.


Five new tunes at the top of the Widget here. I am listening to the Bolt Suite which is taken from a ballet for which Shostakovitch wrote the music when he was about 24. It didnt go down well initially. The young S is said to be influenced by Stravinsky.It s hardly surprising that he upset people - the surprise is that it took so long. The Bridge finished last night - quite a sad end really.

Peter Ackroyd was on Desert Island Discs and kicked off Louie Louie which sounded absolutely great. He went up to Cambs the same year as me - from East Acton which is not far from here. He has been a friend of PW since then. I am never quite sure if our paths crossed or not. He mentioned that he was mostly engaged in poetry then and was a member of a group based on Kings who called themselves the Totalists. This persuaded me to order his first book which is about culture and modernism. I have his collected poems somewhere. I am wondering about offering the ND+poets article to Jason C and I might as well update it.Talking of which I saw some of Bandslam on C4 where the hero had 'Road' on his Ipod to show that he was really cool, I suppose.

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