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2012-05-17 - 11:20 a.m.


I went to a seminar yesterday at IPPR about economics and the Commons. This is a new term for me but it has been the area where a recent Nobel prizewinner specialised. The seminar was pretty full including a lot of quite old left wing intellectuals - who clearly dont worry about their haircuts. The seminar was chaired by someone from Synthesis which is a kind of private sector think-tank. The main participant was James Quilligan who is visiting from the US and giving a whole series of lectures and seminars for about 10 days. The other participant was a philosopher called Gayle from Boulder who is interested in Daoist leadership.

Quilligan's presentation was very abstract and very wide-ranging. He claims to practice a kind of 21st century economics which replaces the Newtonian assumptions of conventional economics. I cant say I followed it all not least because the room became very hot.

I watched the 8th episode of The Bridge on the i-player. An article was published yesterday.

On Tuesday I was at a seminar where Sir Ian Gibson of Morrison's was speaking. I came across him at the end of the 90s when he was still at Nissan. I realised that I knew much more about the detailed techniques that he believes in than most of the seminar participants. I wondered whether I could leverage this? Radio 4 is covering the history of Dexie's Midnight Runners.

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