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2012-05-16 - 9:40 a.m.


A hectic few days - as promised. At Brill Bette told me about the Purcell piece she is rehearsing - King Arthur. It is what is called a semi-opera with a libretto by Dryden. It seems that Dryden deliberately avoided using Mallory as his source. One of the themes is the conflict between Saxons who are pagans and KA and his crew who are Christians. Bette is doing a cut down version of KA - the whole piece takes up 2 CDs.The score of Jeux has arrived and I am getting the hang of following it through - this is not so easy because the piece moves at such a rate. When I was Oxford yesterday I was tempted to buy a couple of books about Debussy but I managed to resist. Maybe I will get them later on Amazon. I have ordered Dick's new book of poetry from the US. Also Andrew's hit CD.I have been in touch with Jason about doing some stuff for Pynk Moon. I am going to see Cathy sing in the Valkeries in Fulham at the end of the month. Gilbert had a concert in Bruges on Saturday so he couldnt get any tracks done. I am still working on octotonic ideas.

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