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2012-04-18 - 3:04 p.m.


Another trip yesterday on the coach from Heathrow to Oxford – arriving in good time. I took a few fotos of the iconic buildings and then I looked around Blackwell’s music store but wasn’t tempted by anything. I had a coffee and then went up to St Ann’s just in time to miss the rain.I was one of the first to arrive. I talked to Chris B who soon appeared & is also an old DTI hand. The seminar was good fun and it was helpful to hear Ken sketch his overview of the evolution of UK industrial policy. In the discussion I made a point about the Technology Strategy Board who I rather like.Then it was time for drinks and dinner – well up to the usual standard. I mostly talked with an educational researcher who had started her own business. After she left I talked to the ex-prof of education at Oxf, mostly about philosophy esp the contrast between the scholastic philosophy he had been taught in Rome and then his studies with A J Ayer in London. We had both been taught by Bernard Williams. He also knew a bit about Hughes Hall. I mentioned Ross Harrison who taught me in St Johns and now heads up Kings. I caught the 9.30pm coach back to Heathrow.On Monday night I tracked down a US site which has free mp3s of concert performances. I listened to my downloads from this site on the coach esp Bartok’s SQ no 1 which I have liked for quite a while but not heard recently. I have also downloaded the score for this. Other SQs listened to were Debussy in Gm and Schoenberg no 2. Somewhere I have a really good annotated score for the latter. I also heard a version of the Chansons de Bilitis for flute and harp. To me this was less the CdeB and more an Epigraphs Antiques selection.

Arriving back in Hounslow I found that the broadband was down. I phoned the BT number and was told it would be fixed in 3 days – a time lag which strikes me as ridiculous. I watched some of the 70s program which wasn’t as bad as I had imagined. This morning I sketched out a piece to pass the time as much as anything. I am still toying with harmonic ideas lifted from the faun prelude. I loaded Static and Silence onto the BB, also Trees.

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