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2012-04-16 - 8:06 p.m.


Diaryland was off air a while today. I have been in Brill for a few days enjoying the Spring countryside. I came back this afternoon and to pick up the threads listened to the top 18 tunes on the Widget.

Mick sent me videos of his band from Cologne playing good time music. I circulated the link to the IGS crew and a couple of people mailed back. I have been posting fotos of both London and Bucks on my FB page and have had a few positive comments. I am quite impressed with the performance of the BB camera.

Last week I bought Charles Rosen's book on music and sentiment and this led me to an article about the harmonic progression in Debussy's famous faun prelude and as a result I downloaded a version for four hands where it is easier to read the harmony. This has led to a piece which I mailed to Gilbert today. Gilbert has posted on FB a picture of him jamming with a hurdy gurdy player.

On R3 tonite is a concert with pianist and SQ. First of all Haydn's Emperor SQ and then Ravel's Tombeau which is always a delight esp the Menuet. The 2nd half is Ravel: Minuet on the name of Haydn, Satie: Gnossienne Nos. 2 & 3, Albéniz: 2 Pieces from Iberia: Evocación (Book I) and Triana (Book 2)and finally Debussy: String Quartet in G minor Op. 10. My idea of fun.

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