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2012-04-07 - 12:35 p.m.


Four new pieces at the top of this Widget - a couple from this morning and the other two from earlier in the week. I am getting concerned about my inability to remember the reason behind pieces. I think I might do better if there was some kind of development or progression between pieces.

I have at last managed to get the new TV tuned into BBC digital channels. I havent got any ITV or C4 channels although there is a ropey analogue version of Ch 5. The first BBC4 programme was Diana Rigg talking about VW's Lark Ascending. It was interesting to see the original manuscipt and the way it was developed with the first soloist. The piece has become more popular as more violinists have come along with the capacity to give a good account of it. The programme finished off with a 15yr old Chinese girl delivering it. I mentioned to Gilbert that I think the line sounds like Trane. He really likes the piece but is less convinced by JC connection.

I also caught the last bit of the programme about the use of the acoustic gtr in pop and rock.

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