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2012-04-05 - 8:26 p.m.


Another article slipped out this week - about European mechanical engineering. This morning I was sent a link to a new IPPR report on skills and I was mightily cheered up to see that I had an acknowledgement at the front.

Earlier in the week I downloaded a groove-builder synth and managed to make a part that Gilbert might pick up. I have just downloaded a second synth from the same source where I had already acquired three softsynths. This latest one seems to be oriented towards vowel sounds.

Yesterday an album by William Brittelle arrived from the US. It is an ambitious work which seeks to link pop, rock , jazz and downtown music. Today I played it through the hifi speakers and it sounded much better than it had on the earphones. I came across WB on the Earbits modern composition stream and I found that his major album was available very cheaply in the US - the carriage was several times the price of the CD.

I also listened to the 4 Glass SQs that way. I think 1 and 3 are my favourites but 4 is also growing on me.

Yesterday I caught a bus down to Hounslow High St to pay in some money from the HMRC, pick up a letter and buy a birthday card for James. I picked up some cans too. So farewell then, Jim Marshall.

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