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2012-03-08 - 6:55 p.m.


Some new pieces at the top of the Widget.

I spent last weekend in Brill with P&B and most of Monday too. It snowed on Sunday afternoon. There was a rainbow and a buzzard was spotted. An article on the auto industry escaped on Wednesday. I enjoyed having the BB eg to listen to on the coach particularly Saucy Monkys. Loquat are going on tour to promote a new album. Lamb have just finished their lengthy European tour.

There was more Stravinsky on R3 - the Octet and the Piano Concerto with Winds. In that period I think my favourites are the Symphonies of Wind Instruments and the Mass. I had a much needed haircut this morning.

The early Ades CD arrived today - he suffers from his reputation as a wunderkind. It is impressive stuff.

I have been doing some tracks today using the new Arpy softsynth.This evening's concert started with three arrangements of Purcell which sounded great especially the Fantasia on One Note. Then Britten's Cello Symphony which sounded very familiar - the CD must be somewhere or other. The treatment was not at all like the recording - much fresher. The piece came soon after the War Requiem and some people suggest that it was written in the same spirit.

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