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2012-02-25 - 10:16 p.m.


Four new tracks at the top of the widget from material which Gilbert provided today.

This morning there was an e-m from Reverbnation proposing a competition to get listed on Earbits. I looked into Earbits.com and found that its Free Jazz stream is very entertaining - musicians who are new to me playing pretty well on novel conceptions. I had a look at their Indy stream and happened across Saucy Monky.

To cut a long story short I have ordered SM's second album, Turbulence for a very good price through Amazon. No surprise that SM are based on Southern California and have three women and male bass player. I found their lead singer on FB and messaged to ask if the band is still going.

On Earbits they illustrate their rock stream with RL Jones, The Sundays and D Graham.

Those were the main outcomes of today's activities except I did manage to get to the Polish shop.

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