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2012-02-15 - 5:11 p.m.


I haven t written here for over a week. There are now three new pieces at the top of the widget using tracks Gilbert made at the weekend. He and Christine did two concerts yesterday both of which went well I hear.

Hayley-Jane has mailed me two DVDs with albums from her collection - most of which is both new to me and interesting. It will take some time to get through this material.

At the weekend I went to Brill and four of us drove off down the A 40 to Bourton on the Water to hear Lisbee Stainton performing in Cleo's front room. The renovation of her house is only just complete and looks very impressive. LS plays a 8 string guitar. The D and G strings are strung as they would be on a 12 string - two strings an octave apart. This makes for quite rich sounding chords with 2 or 3 fingers on the fretboard. The voice was slightly overpowered by the guitar in this very dead setting.

I have bought a Blackberry but am struggling to get it work fully. I will get there in the end I expect. I have also bought a new jacket - in Thame.

On Sunday in Brill we had an Elizabethan pork casserole for lunch - lots of fruit ingredients so that the pork flavour was all but eliminated. Nonetheless it tasted really good. Plum and apple crumble to follow.

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