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2012-02-01 - 9:25 p.m.


Tonight on Radio 3 it is Shostakovitch's Fifth Symphony sounding very good. It is an ambiguous work which has been read by different people at different times in very different ways. Maybe the last movement is the most ambiguous. DS's comment about rejoicing in this piece applies equally well to religion.

Prof Z listened Andrew Feenberg in Berlin tonight on the 10 contradictions of technology. He has reported that AF was very good. I wish I could get hold of what he said. Damian sent an interesting paper through to today on the management of business in large design firms.

There is a new piece at the top of the widget which combines a groove with some quite complex thematic material. I also sent off some notes on Cummins the engine manufacturers. I am still waiting for Amazon to deliver various CDs.

Strange Feeling Records mailed to say that Tracey T has started a new album with winter themes. I included a winter song of hers in my Xmas mailout along with the Bird and the Bees. TT was preferred to BnB.

I found on Youtube a vid of Joe Farrell, Elvin Jones and Jimmy Garrison. I heard them at R Scott's when I was about 21 - they were fantastic. I concluded I would never be able to play jazz like that. It seems that this was probably the peak of JF's career.

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