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2012-01-29 - 2:40 p.m.


There is a new entry at the top of the Widget above. It is based on the piece Iceberg which is about seven tunes down - but it is slower and the synths on a couple of parts have been altered. Also part of the Delilah vocal track has been added.

This afternoon on R3 is a concert which started with a piece by one of the Sleepy Gs who are 6 young composers based in Brooklyn. Then comes Britten's Violin Concerto opus 15 which I have never heard before. Britten wanted to study with Berg and so he was very much saddened by B's death. He found Berg's Violin Concerto moved him a lot in the circs. It inspired him to write a VC at the end of the 30s.

I can understand that he liked the Berg VC which is an amazing piece - it was one of the first recordings of Berg that I owned. I even bought a commentary on it. The recording is coupled with the much denser Schoenberg Violin Concerto. This one dates from the same time when S was in LA. Although S is meant to have written easier music once he got to the US this one has never struck me as an easy listen. Anyway the Britten VC came over well. I suppose I must like Britten from that era - certainly the SQ1 which was written about a year later.

The final piece in the concert in Shostakovitch's 10th Symphony. This was premiered after Stalin's death. This has prompted a lot of speculation about what he is really getting at in this work.

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