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2012-01-28 - 3:33 p.m.


There is an new piece at the top of the widget here. I used a new synth on the bass part. I have had for some while a FM synth but it has a lot of parameters and not many presets. I discovered last night that there is a new version with a better interface and lots more presets. I sent Gilbert 4 versions of Glopa all with the same part but using different presets. In the end we decided to put two these onto RN - one at the top of the Widget and the other about a third of the way down. I also sent him a version of Iceberg using vocals, a Fender Rhodes and the FM synth as a bass.

I have tracked down Inara George's album Invitation on Grooveshark. This is a collaboration with Van Dyke Parts and sounds nothing like any of the other music. It is with a small conventional orchestra which must have been arranged by VDP. It is recorded very close and dry so the effect is very intimate - perhaps a little like 1920's German cabaret. It s a pretty impressive piece of work.

I completed my tax return online. There was a problem right at the start when I confused my password with my activation code. It was quite easy apart from that - much to my surprise. I had been leaving it to almost the last moment and it s good to see the back of it for a while.

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