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2012-01-15 - 1:10 p.m.


Two new tracks at the top of the Widget above featuring a vocal line from Little Dragon.

Yesterday afternoon on Radio 4 there was a play about T S Eliot and his wife Vivien. It was by Michael Hastings who died just before Christmas. He wrote a stage play which had become a screenplay for a film in the 90s. MH first shot to fame in the 50s as a very young man. The Tom and Viv film was his biggest hit although he had produced work consistently throughout his life.

The play inevitably speculates about the relationship and in the final analysis TSE does not come out of it very well, conspiring with his wife's family to have Viv shut away in an asylum paid for by her inheritance which she was never allowed to manage herself.

It was also the Ken Russell fest last night on BBC2. There was a film which looked at the musical films he made for Monitor in the 60s. The one about Debussy made a big impact on me in my teens. I watched his Women in Love as well which stands up pretty well after all these years. Glenda Jackson got an Oscar. It is hard to remember just how important DHL seemed to be in those days. I fell asleep at the start of the Rainbow which is a shame - I d like to know how that stands up.

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