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2012-01-10 - 3:28 p.m.


Yesterday evening I caught the tube to Covent Garden and strolled round to the usual pub - the Marguis - opposite the Opera House. Rob showed up soon after me and we spent a couple of hours catching up, drinking Youngs and eating fish and chips. Then we set off for Cafe Oto.

We were a bit early so we sat in the theatre bar next door. In the Cafe we headed for our usual table where someone was sitting. I asked if the other seats were free and I found myself talking to Tim Hodgkisnson who played keybds in Henry Cow. He didnt particularly remember me - we lived in the same house for a couple of months 40 years ago. But we had a good conversation about his touring rural Russia with a free improv trio and how the trio had first formed for a gig at John Zorn's club on the lower East side in NYC. Tim is going to Palermo shortly for a project.

The evening's music started with a stunning duo - John Butcher played tenor with Hannah on electric cello. I saw Hannah play with F Frith and also the last time I went to Boat-ting. They followed each others sounds quite closely - using extended techniques. Next up was the trio with Tim H - plus bass and piano. Tim played both standard and Turkish clarinet. I liked the piano playing a lot. The final piece involved all five musicians - I would have liked this to go on longer.

There is a new vocal remix at the top of the Widget above - it includes Little Dragon singing Scale It Back. Prof Z has been in Avignon and he has recalled a strange rumour about their being a magnetised lake under the city.

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