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2012-01-03 - 5:18 p.m.



There are two new pieces in the Widget here - at the start as usual - the first uses a rhythm track from Jay Shapley including an excellent rhythm guitar part. Gilbert added the choir. For some reason I started to track down Owen Bryce whose jazz course I attended in the Autumn of 1967. I found a photo of George Webb's band taken in the early 1940s and Owen can easily be identified in that. The GW band is credited with starting the musical movement that culminated in the trad-jazz movement in the 1950s. GW based his band on the King Oliver band circa 1923. I have been reading about the Louis Armstrong recordings which started in 1926. The KO band was the first band that LA joined when he got to Chicago from New Orleans but the innovation really started when he led his own band. OB has a son who is playing trombone in a traditional jazz group. I have also been listening to some dream-pop. I started a new article on employer-led skills

I spent some time looking on Youtube of vids of people playing the Akai EWI - both the 4000 and the USB. There are some impressive performances such as the impersonation of fast funk bass improvisation. At the moment I am recording the Dhorn as an acoustic instrument. I dont particularly want it to sound like an impersonation of another instrument. I d rather it sounded like it was an instrument in its own right. I dont mind if some key noise gets into the recording.

I went to Currys-PC World yesterday looking at TVs. Since I was there I looked at the Price of Sony Pro Acid Studio - frightening, much cheaper on Amazon. There was also a collection of Classic Sony loops which was just over 30 - there dont seem to be many places online that sell this apart from the Sony site itself. I downloaded the 8 free loops from that site and started messing around with a couple.

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