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2011-12-22 - 9:45 p.m.

Two good things today - I found Karen Carpenter's cover of Still Crazy After All These Years from a 1979 session without her bro. Lamb launched a remix competition for a tune from Lamb 5 with very easily downloadable and remixable vocal material. I had a haircut which is also progress of a sort. I did a couple of Lamb remixes and mailed them to Gilbert. The background vocals seem to be especially good fun to work with. I tried looking for other remix competitions but nothing much came to the surface. I keep missing late night films I d like to see (again) eg Heat and Dust and The Conformist.

I have discovered that the Sonny Rollins album from Alfie the M Caine movie is arranged by Oliver Nelson - that s the third good thing today. The piano player on the Alfie album also accompanied Miss M on her 1974 tour - Roger Kellaway. The soundtrack for the film Alfie had S Rollins with some UK musos including S Tracey.

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