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2011-12-21 - 6:15 p.m.

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Back to RN page 1 which is feeling neglected. If you go back to the previous diary you can hear some new tracks at the top of page 2. I listened to the first 8 tracks on page 2 and thought they sounded good. The top of page 1 in BnB material. I am listening to Soft Machine's Third - always a favourite - esp Slightly All the Time. Not much email traffic today. Sometimes I wonder if we get further forward than that SM album. I mailed Laurence about a R4 programme on Hobbes. I am still finding my way through 50 Snowwords. Unlike the reviewers I don t mind E John dueting at all. I suppose I have some doubts about the snowman sex. I like Lake Tahoe though.

Earlier today I listened to Traneing In which is on Prestige. It is 1957 and so pretty early but I love the hard edge on this title track which is a blues. The piano player is Red Garland. It made me curious about an album that I used to have with Trane playing Little Melonae. This was recorded a year later for the album Setting the Pace which was also on Prestige but not released until 1962 which probably explains how I came to own it a few years later. Apparently it is unjustly neglected.

Bill R sent me a link to a sound map of London's Rivers. I mailed back about all the rivers that had been missed. The site with the sounds has wide variety of downloadable environmental clips. I found the one which is closest to where I live and put it in the second half of a piece I am developing. I sent it to Gilbert who seems to like the idea.

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