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2011-12-19 - 5:34 p.m.


Still widgeting into our 2nd RN page here. Do try out the new tunes. Widget is short for Windows Gadget.Jimmy is newly in the widget - the first piece.

I watched Prof B Cox on QM last night. There was a line of argument that caught my fancy. He was talking about the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and the Pauli Exclusion Principle. Someone quite early on had used these two together to derive a maximum possible size for a White Dwarf - the decaying star in astronomy. Subsequently no one had found a WD bigger than this theoretical limit. I think that BC wanted to use that fact to show that the HUP wasnt anything to do with our inability to measure things but was something objective about how the world works. BC kept making digs about people who he called hippies who think that HUP means the world is vague and random.

I ferreted about on Wikipedia and found that the there are other reasons why WDs are the size that they are. This reinforced my conclusion that BC was pushing his luck a bit. Of course its always tricky with QM when you dont know the maths - which I am sure BC does. More on this in another post.

I sent Gilbert the piece that was built round the tracks Ray S had provided - with a question whether this is too conventional for us. The donated parts which came as Wavs do sound very clear. Maybe the time is coming when I get out of 16 bit mixing.

There is a piece which didnt do well on the first RN page and is not doing well on the 2nd one. I have been trying some reworking. Possibly a different title would give it a lift too. I recorded a Dhorn line today which I put onto this piece. It was the right tempo - the line was actually recorded for a developing piece called Tub X which is another attempt to at a UK Garage related piece.

It is hard to listen to 50 words for snow without taking a break part way through. This doesnt mean that I dont like - it s just that it is demanding - esp the piece about the Snowman.

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