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2011-12-16 - 7:18 p.m.


P J Harvey on the Culture Show as one of the highlights of the year. I have the album about England on Musicstation but somehow I never get round to listening to it

I mentioned in Richard's music circle that I would like to hear from someone who could play UK Garage on guitar. Jay S came forward and he found a drum loop and put down some guitar - a Strat into a Fender Blues amplifier - which sounds very good against the loop. I have spent a lot of time arranging this music. I even recorded some Dhorn. I did this using the Zoom recorder and this gave an extra timbre to the result.

I went round the net trying to find some Garage loops. There were a few on Radio1 Extra but they weren t brilliant. I did manage to vote in the bi-election yesterday and we won. I also looked up UK Garage on Wikipedia and on Spotify. There aren t that many songs on Spotify but I have listened to them quite carefully.

I managed to program some drums so that they sounded slightly convincing. This became a BnB piece which I have sent to Gilbert. Today I have remixed it and added some Dhorn. I think UK Garage is quite jazzy in various ways.

Do keep trying page 2 on the widget at the top of the page. One of my school year died yesterday. I met him last Summer at the Goose Fair where Four and a Bit were playing. It was a memorable day generally.

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