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2011-12-14 - 7:59 p.m.


Still on the widget for the 2nd RN page which has lots of new tunes. There s a Bird and Bee remix and a piece that only went up a couple of hours ago. I didn t make it to the Swan last night partly because I was immersed in putting a piece together. Andrew K has a piece being played next week on 21 Dec at the Kings Hall in a very enticing solstice programme. I went out to post a letter today and I found my black brimmed hat as protection against the cold.

I have discovered that the Bird and the Bee have a cover of Something Tells Me I m into Something Good. This was also covered by Herman's Hermits but the original US version always sounded good. I have also found out that Inara George has recorded a solo album. She is married to a fim director. I also found a track of her singing with Little Feat. I spent some time today listening to Free.

I wonder if I could get the hang of UK Garage?

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