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2011-11-30 - 10:26 a.m.

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Six new pieces in the widget here - at the start. The other page was briefly at no 10 in the RN Global Hot Classical Chart - always a pleasure - and it is at no 63 in the RN London Classical Chart . I have been sociable three days running - something of a record for me. The transcription of a Love Supreme has arrived from Germany. I am listening to Lamb remixes esp the first album. I have sent another draft article to the works. We have been putting on interesting fans at both sites.

On Sunday it was Cleo's farewell lunch in Drury Lane - with a string quartet and a couple of opera singers. On Monday evening I went to St Martins in the Fields for a memorial concert for viol player Richard Campbell. I met Andrew K who was conveniently sitting a couple of rows in front of me. His piece was the penultimate number and sounded really good - for five viols. We went to the pub after - the Harp round the corner. All this train commuting means I have nearly finished the book on Louis Armstrong's Hot 5 and Hot 7 recordings - the historical background is very well covered. Last night I went with Paul B to Jolly's in Whitton where I ate too much as usual. The result was that I was awake at 4am and so I got up and started work on some tracks - using elements that the Bird and the Bee have offered on their website. I think people always relate more directly to a piece with vocals.

Paul has met Gunther Krause in Aachen and I have been watching some of his videos on Youtube. You cant help but notice Reno Schnell.

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