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2011-11-16 - 12:36 a.m.

I managed to make it to Janet's Tuesday night jam in Hampton. It is mostly focused on singers - there seemed to be a lot of these in all kinds of styles. There was a really good version of Love for Sale and also a Michel Legrand song which I hadn t heard before. I eventually learned that you had to register with Janet to get a slot - I got one towards the end of the second set. The band was electric piano, electric gtr, drums and electric string bass. I called Autumn Leaves in Gm and we soon hit a vibe in tune with the composer having studied with Bartok. I think I may try jamming here another Tuesday. As usual people are intrigued by the Dhorn.

In the Widget above there are now 12 pieces that are new since Friday. There were two big new reports - one from IPPR on apprenticeships edited by Tess and one on productivity from LSE-CEP. I sent my nest article into Andy first thing today. I also sent Gilbert a new piece based on a 15 bar sequence

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