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2011-11-02 - 10:54 a.m.

I didnt go to either of the jams available last night as the relics of the cold lingered. I have found the MIDI/USB lead and it turned out that the latency is less of a problem on the Arp and the Minimoog. The result was three pieces built round Dhorn lines - thickened out by different synths - the GM in the Sony and the Arp string machine. I sent them to Gilbert who gave the thumbs up. I listened to Sade's greatest hits some more which keeps going up in my estimatiom. I also did a remix of a piece called Digger which I havent sent to Gilbert yet. Mike wrote from Detroit to say that Winter seems to be on its way. Karol sent me a link to the McKinsey site which remembered that I used to be a user. I got in and found quite a lot of useful material which I mailed round - about the quality of management and UK productivity. I am looking forward to the new article coming out on Friday and wondering what the next topic will be - I have sent some suggestions to HQ.

Three new pieces at the top of the widget here including a Sapph remix - all include Dhorn/MIDI.

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