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2011-10-24 - 7:05 p.m.

The place I do philosophy these days is Linkedin. Someone started a discussion about Mach and Lenin - this led to quite a big exploration. When Lenin wrote philosophy in 1908 what was he worried about. In fact it was a wider school than just Mach but according to Kowlakowski in his magnificent book about Marxist thought Mach was the best opponent. I suggested that Mach is pretty like Hume - not an original thought. But I have a request to explain this in more depth which I think I can - it just needs care.

Andrew asked for 60 secs in C minor which I got right first time. I made it into a longer drone piece and sent it to Gilbert - also a funky piece in Em. Bill has asked Isint to use in the current video production. Sue phoned and we discussed her children.

I downloaded Secrets of the Beehive which for some reason I had never heard all the way through - just the odd track. Eva said she has been listening since it came out in 1987. Paul B is teaching in Richmond and suggested we eat tonight. Paul W is back from St Ives - I should have given him the address of Colin B's gallery before he went.

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