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2011-10-18 - 2:49 p.m.

iTunes get music on

I have been sending the final version of the energy article round to see if anyone can spot any typos - so far so good. I downloaded S Reich's 18 musos. I heard this in RFH with SR present giving an intro talk. It is a nodal piece - after this the mins went back to being conventional composers. I think this piece had a big influence on the stuff I wrote for the AWE32 in the 90s much of which is not easy to access or lost. There could be some on the collection of MDs in a garage in Sussex - I still have the 4 track Tascam MD player and mixer so there is a possibility that some could be saved. 18 Musos does groove nicely in parts.

I have decided that one of the FM synths is in a different class from the other. It seems that the difference between FM and the CZ101 method is not large and in particular both offer glassy high end timbres.

I also downloaded New York Counterpoint, 8 Lines and 4 Organs - one of the first SR pieces I got to know. I once heard NYC performed in a disused factory in Bham. Some discussion with NC about music for video with a SF angle.

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