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2011-10-17 - 5:22 p.m.

iTunes get music on

I finished off the energy article and sent it in and had a first run at the next one which is about skills and rebalancing. I was playing around with a Twitter based way of making notes. I listened to EBTG remixes and Idlewild. In fact this prompted me to order a 2nd hand copy of Temperamental which isnt in the Musicstation vaults. I am listening to Love's Four Sail a lot - it is magnificent not least the arrangements and the blend of the guitars - actually the backline is hot as well - almost like the G-Dead in parts. Mother's Spiritual is still sounding great - the way the gtr is used is striking given that it was recorded in the early 1980s. There was an invite to an Oxf seminar on 1 Nov - perhaps.

I had another go with one of the FM softsynths and came up with an interesting bass mix that turned into a kind of e-piano in the higher octaves. It did not take much time to knock out a piece with some four note harmony on the string machine and I mailed it off to Gilbert. I dont expect he will have a chance to try it before he flies out to the US. I think I will try the other FM softsynth and see where it leads. I looked up FM synthesis in Wikipedia and learned that Stamford U had made a lot of money out of it.

There were 96 listens on RN yesterday which cheered up the stats. But do try the widget again - there s some unusual music in the first four pieces. Some nice messages about some of these pieces on FB. I am getting Nerfetitti together.

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