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2011-10-10 - 7:34 p.m.

I am really pleased that we have a LFM radio station all our own - plus who the Bear thinks may be up our alley


Yesterday I took the train to Gt Miss and arrived just as they were setting up the PA in the Spread Eagle. I had the U2 with me - and maybe I should have brought the Crafter. I started out with a ropey clawhammer on Indianna and then loosened up on Donna Lee not least the head. I could have done Four better and it s probably the one I had rehearsed least. Autumn Leaves grooved OK. I slept well at Brill and Bette and I just about got out of the house after 10am. I caught the Tube which was only 7 which dropped me off at Victoria Station so that I got to IPPR quite early. The seminar was great - John was there too and we went for for a round-up chat in a cafe afterwards and then rode out on the westbound Pic Line. I had chatted to a couple of interesting people before the seminar who had given me their cards, The Euro article is still going well. There is a jam near Kingston Bridge tomorrow nite - just a bus ride away - do I have the energy?

We have 6 new tunes up in the widget here - I like Trio Four. I have paid up for Musicstation. I am infatuated with Sunday's Child - how did I live without it for decades?

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