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2011-10-09 - 12:59 p.m.

iTunes get music on

We now have a GI-IC radio stream on LastFM - here:


They seem to have put lots of outter limits artists in with us - but it is a brand indentity of sorts. I listened to Love's Four Sail - it is a wonderful and much ignored album - great blending of the guitar leads and songs reminding me of Television - some echoes of Forever Changesbut moving forward as well. Gilbert just sent 3 tracks to mix - which is great fun. Today I am going to Gt Miss - Donna Lee is just about at a decent pace. I have got a good response to the Euro manufacturing article from Keith B.

Last night I went to the Q Club in Battersea to hear Charles and Andy play - they were well up to standard. Janet was there with Lesley and sang about 4 numbers. I really enjoyed my meal of chilli con carne and cheese-cake washed down with Chilean merlot.

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