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2011-10-07 - 11:56 p.m.

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Laura Marling on TV again - she and her band sound great. Also N Sawney on the review show. I have been to see Sister Angelica in Fulham with Bette. We met at Fulham Broadway and linked up with Cathy - then a quick meal in a burger bar. Cathy had to dash to prepare for the show which was its first night.

It is set in the Magdalena Laundries. I have just mailed Cathy with a link to a great unplugged version of Miss M singing of the MLs - I also like the Emmy-Lous Harris version. SA is a 1 hour opera from a trio of such published in 1918 - all three are currently in the ROH repertoire. It is all female voices - max 3 parts. This production used a grand piano which was a good blend. Cathy has heard the ROH version with full orchestra. To be honest I have no desire to hear a richer palette. I was surprised how much paralellism there is in the pno part - sounded rather like Deb of a decade earlier.

At one stage it looked as if there was going to be some grl-on-grl sadism but unfortunately this theme did not develop. In fact the end is implausibly spiritual - esp for 1918 - compare Stravinsky's piano piece in memoriam Deb. But it was a good night out - very well performed. We went for a drink after - Cathy needed a chunk of chocolate cake to recover from performing.

On the way there I reviewed how far I got with ESP - I have 2 tunes somewhat undercontrol. Agitation is not that well covered. I have to get Little One sorted. Then it s onto Miles Smiles.

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