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2011-09-26 - 4:55 p.m.

I went up to the City today for a meeting with some bright young applied economists - very good fun. I sent Gilbert a piano and synth piece yesterday. He did 4 tracks but couldnt get them out of Sibelius which is pretty irritating. My interim strategy of pulling tracks out of RN and sticking them on FB seems to be working up to a point. The RN Band Equity fotr GI-IC has sunk to the level that Paul W's has risen to. There was a good interview with Marcus Miller about working with Miles on FB. It turns that Robin F is a fan of EBTG Amplified Heart - partly because it is a collection of the usual suspects. I have been listening to the radios of my new LFM friends - I like the black music from US and the reflective stuff from Poland. I have mailed our RN page to Jazz Market - not expecting to get a gig.

The bear has picked up Elysian Fields which sounds good to me - he kicked off with OGDS and followed up with a Debussy song. I think that Four and Donna Lee are getting there - I mustnt peak too soon. There was a letter about my pension which could have been a lot worse.

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