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2011-09-24 - 11:31 p.m.

stand alone player

I have sent two blues to Gilbert - the first uses material from a C Parker blues and also from So What, the second has some jangly U2 on it. I have been promoting the European article quite hard using all available channels. I have a little more feedback and hope to get some more. Various LFM friendships have formed. I have been up to the Polish Shop already. I have posted B Jansch doing the JCF song, Blues Run the Game onto FB. This has generated some debate. I have also posted 2 versions of C Bell doing the first Sappho Frag. Weekend Players sound good today as usual. I have mailed our RN page to the Jazz Market - I am not expecting to get a booking and if we did it would be a big logistical exercise. I am beginning to get some fluency on Donna Lee/Indiana. Sue asked if I can still do BRTG - answer yes - I have wondered about doing it as encore if one is needed at Gt Miss - no singing. I have been talking to Mark P in LA about a possible meeting. A useful book about Product Management has turned up.

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