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2011-09-23 - 8:00 p.m.

stand alone player

My article on the future of European manufacturing was up on the IF website today - a couple of nice bits of feedback so far. It seems to be quite timely. I did two pieces today and sent them to Gilbert - one was a recycling of ideas in Ravel's toccata in the Tomb de Coup but using the harmonies I have been working on over the last year. The other was based on one of Bartok's violin duets. I didnt go to Bham today as the meeting has been shifted to 3 October - unfortunately this is the evening Mick Beck is playing bassoon at Boat-ting. There is some hassle about changing my coach booking. I have been invited to a seminar at IPPR on 10 October which looks good fun. For some reason I fell asleep this afternoon. Bill Romey sent me some screen-shots from the video he is working on. I put a couple more tunes up on FB - one recent one from much earlier in the year. I have reached 100 followers on Twitter - I have been makimg a deliberate effort to get more friends on LFM as I think this can be a good way of developing support for GI-IC. Gilbert is playing with Christine on Saturday. I am concentrating on Donna Lee/Indiana at the moment.

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